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B-Time with Beth Bierbower

Mar 29, 2022

Our guest today needs no introduction to most of you.  With us is Sam Glick, Global Leader of the Health & Life Sciences Practice at Oliver Wyman.  Many of us have spent time with Sam and his colleagues discussing everything from industry opportunities and challenges to new business models and more.  Today Sam is going to share his thoughts on where the industry is headed and how we, as leaders, should be thinking about these changes and their potential impact on our businesses.

Sam has been with Oliver Wyman for 16 years and works with health plans, providers, biotech manufacturers and more and has spoken at all the top industry conferences.  He is an economist by training.  He was raised on a citrus farm and his newest side hustle is co-owner along with his wife Emily (who really deserves all the credit) of the charming Stavrand Inn located in California wine country’s Russian River Valley. 

Show Notes:  Favorite Books:  You’re Not Listening by Kate Murphy; Favorite Magazine: McSweeney’s (specifically Issue #65 Titled “Plundering”); Favorite Podcasts:  Post Reports from The Washington Post.