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B-Time with Beth Bierbower

Aug 17, 2021

Our guest today is Adam Odessky, Co-founder & CEO of a conversational platform that drives patient and insurance member engagement.  Sensely is unique in that it uses an avatar for interactions which proves to be more engaging than text messaging or chatbots.  We’ll hear more about this exciting technology platform from Adam in a minute.


Adam has worked for notable companies such as Motorola, Oracle and Microsoft and has expertise in telecom, speech recognition and augmented reality.  I’m excited to learn more about what Adam and the team at Sensely are up to.  Please join me in welcoming Adam Odessky to B-Time.


Show Notes:  Favorite Book:  Super Sad True Love Story: A Novel By Gary Shteyngart.  Podcasts: Dr. James Somauroo – The Healthtech Podcast.