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B-Time with Beth Bierbower

Feb 23, 2021

David MacMurchy, CEO of Lightship a company that organizes and manages remote clinical trials discusses remote clinical trials and how they can increase speed to market while maintaining patient safety.

According to Accell Clinical Research by mid-2019 there were over 322K research studies registered worldwide with 100K in the US.  Typically, the participant is required to be located within a defined radius of a designated facility, usually a major Health System in a major city which means many eligible potential participants cannot participate due to geography.  But, geography does not necessarily have to be a constraint for all clinical trials. 

Remote clinical trials have been on the rise and allow for the collection of data remotely and are effective and appropriate for many trials.  The introduction of remote clinical trials means more patients have access to participate in this type of important research.

Show notes:  Favorite Books:  The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom; Things I Learned on the 6.28: A Guide To Daily Reading by Stig Abell ; The Powerful and the Damned: Private Diaries in Turbulent Times by Lionel Barber.