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B-Time with Beth Bierbower

Dec 1, 2020

Working from home has caused a massive shift in our lives.  We’ve had to develop new routines.  We’ve carved out new work and school spaces in our homes, which were designed to serve as respites from these two activities.  Employees are feeling isolated because they no longer have casual interactions in the office.  Working from home for the entire week, every week results in the days running together. We love our families, but all this togetherness is adding pressure.  With these changes come a great deal of stress and potentially, increased social isolation.  

With us today to tell us more about the impact from changes in our work routines and home environments is Arielle Trzcinski, a Senior Analyst at Forrester Research.  Today, Arielle will share her perspective as to why we must address these employee stressors and provide us with us steps we can take as leaders and colleagues to identify and help when issues arise.

Show Notes:  Book: Caste by Isabel Wilkerson

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