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B-Time with Beth Bierbower

Sep 28, 2021

Did you know that 70M people in the US suffer from chronic digestive issues?  And did you know that this is more than twice the number of people with diabetes?  Over 8M ER visits happen each year due to digestive complaints.  And the annual cost for digestive diseases is $136B which is more than the annual spend on heart disease, trauma or mental health. 

Digestive or “gut” health is getting quite a bit of attention these days as health experts are discovering more about the microbiome and its impact on our health.  With us today to discuss digestive health and its impact on our overall health and healthcare spending is CEO of Vivante Health, Bill Snyder.  Prior to joining Vivante, Bill spent time as head of sales at Virta Health and was the Chicago Market Leader for Humana.

Show notes: Book:  The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz.  Podcasts: B-Time with Beth Bierbower & TED Radio Hour