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B-Time with Beth Bierbower

Mar 16, 2021

I was surprised to discover that individuals who aspire to become therapists often find it difficult to meet the clinical supervisory requirement. These new therapists must have clinical supervision for a several years and they are left on their own to find that supervisor. Some of these new therapist live in rural America where there is a dearth of behavioral health supervisors so the new therapist may have to travel long distances several times per week to get supervision.

As with most founders, our guest, Rachel McCrickard encountered these challenges and decided they needed to be addressed.  Rachel is the founder and CEO of Motivo, which connects new therapists with experienced clinical supervisors through an online virtual platform. New therapists can choose from many clinical supervisors and select the one that meets his or her needs. On the other hand, participating in the Motivo platform allows clinical supervisors to earn additional income.

As a new graduate, Rachel found herself traveling several hours each week to get the clinical supervision need to practice and then become licensed. Rachel knew that many states allowed for “tele” clinical supervision but the problem of connecting individuals and ensuring appropriate documentation still existed. Today, Rachel will share her personal and professional journey with us and tell us how she is helping others avoid the hassles she encountered and help ensure therapy graduates are able to obtain licensure.


Show notes:  Website:  Amerigroup Collaboration Press Release:


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