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B-Time with Beth Bierbower

Feb 15, 2022

 Health plans and providers alike are focused on population health and ensuring that members are getting the care and support they need to keep chronic conditions in check.  However, often, these entities encounter challenges in obtaining actionable data or insights that allow the organization to intervene in the care process earlier.


Myia Health is tackling this issue and helping both providers and health plans better manage individuals with chronic conditions.  With us is Myia’s CEO and Co-founder, Simon MacGibbon.  Simon has a background in strategy, CRM technology, and large-scale digital transformations.  He has worked for companies such as McKinsey and IBM and he was co-founding Partner of the Boston Consulting Group’s Digital Ventures business.


Show Notes:  Books:  Crossing the Chasm by Geoffrey Moore; What You Do Is Who You Are: How To Create Your Business Culture by Ben Horowitz; Competing Against Luck by Professor Clay Christensen.  Podcasts:  Relentless HealthValue Podcast; Dylan Johnson – cyclist – on YouTube.