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B-Time with Beth Bierbower

Aug 30, 2022

With us today is Jared Johnson the Founder of Shift Forward Health which is a media company that delivers thought leadership content through the use of podcasts, blogs, videos and more. Each week, Jared talks with individuals to learn more about who is attempting to transform healthcare and how.

Jared’s career...

Aug 23, 2022

This episode is a copy of the Innovation Accelerator podcast where Beth Bierbower serves as a panelist along with Gary Druckenmiller, Jared Johnson and Steven Ambrose and we discuss the healthcare consumer

Aug 16, 2022

What does Value Based Care really mean? Is Value Base Care gaining momentum? Will Value Based Care be effective at improving outcomes and reducing costs? I’ve decided to pose these questions to our guest today because he and his team are in the thick of it.

With me is Dave Mull, CFO of Honest Medical Group,...

Aug 9, 2022

Collaborative care allows for a principal physician, behavioral health case worker and psychiatrist to work together to manage patients with both behavioral and medical needs. Spencer Hutchins, CEO & Co-founder of Concert Health tells us what his organization is doing to engage primary care and OB/GYN physicians in...

Aug 2, 2022

With us is Karen Simonton, Director of Strategic Alliances for the OrthoForum, an organization that connects the nation’s largest orthopaedic groups through benchmarking, advocacy, innovation, and networking. Karen shares the provider’s perspective as to how providers are reacting to or driving some of the trends...