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B-Time with Beth Bierbower

Aug 30, 2022

With us today is Jared Johnson the Founder of Shift Forward Health which is a media company that delivers thought leadership content through the use of podcasts, blogs, videos and more. Each week, Jared talks with individuals to learn more about who is attempting to transform healthcare and how.

Jared’s career experiences have helped shape his thinking and developed his expertise on consumers and digital transformation as he has worked with well-known medical organizations such as St. Jude, W.L. Gore & Associates, and Phoenix Children’s Hospital to name a few. He also serves on several healthcare and digital advisory boards that reach thousands of organizations monthly.  Today, Jared will share his thoughts with us on consumer transformation in healthcare – what it means, why it matters and which companies are embracing this concept as a means to transform their businesses.

Show notes: Favorite Books: Killing Marketing: How Innovatinve Businesses Are Turning Market Cost Into Profits by Jou Pulizzi and Robert Rose; Reframing Healthcare: A Roadmap For Creating Disruptive Change by Zeev Neuwirth, MD