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B-Time with Beth Bierbower

Oct 15, 2021

It’s a bit ironic that I used my iPad to listen to a book about digital minimalism.  The book Digital Minimalism is by Cal Newport who is also the author of Deep Work.  He’s an MIT educated computer scientist who believes that for most people, use of social media is an addiction that is ruining our ability to connect as a society. 

Newport reminds us that social media companies want to capture as much of our attention as possible – and at all costs.  He tells us to refrain from “likes”, put our devices away when we are not using them for work, to embrace solitude and find other enjoyable hobbies. 

As someone who embraced Digital Detox in the workplace, I agree with much of what Newport says.  I was traveling while listening to this book and I took the time to observe other travelers in the airport.  Virtually no one was having a conversation. When people were talking to each other, at least one of them was simultaneously checking their phone. 

Newport provides some tips on how to digitally declutter – but truly, we know what to do.  The book is a good reminder that there are many other things we can do with our time that are more meaningful than posting on Facebook.  If you are on digital overload, download a copy of Digital Minimalism, at least it will keep you from checking Facebook for a while.