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B-Time with Beth Bierbower

Jun 7, 2022

We’ve mentioned “the race to the home” numerous times on this podcast.  Today, our guest will help us understand what it means to deliver care in the home.  With us is Dan Trigub, Co-founder and CEO of MedArrive, a company that is delivering preventive care in the home. Dan will share MedArrive’s approach and how and why it has been successful not only in preventing unnecessary admissions and trips the ER, but also how MedArrive has been successful in engaging marginalized individuals.


Usually when I state that someone has prior healthcare experience, you may wonder for which health plan, health system or another provider did he or she work.  Dan worked for Uber and Lyft in their healthcare divisions. While those may not be the credentials you are expecting when you hear “healthcare experience,” it is exactly the experience needed when you think about in-home delivery of care because these companies deeply understood the concept of a platform, logistics and engagement.


Show Notes: Book:  Beyond Possible: One Man, Fourteen Peaks, and the Mountaineering Achievement of a Lifetime by Nims Purja; Documentary: The Man In The Arena (Tom Brady)