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B-Time with Beth Bierbower

May 2, 2023

We discuss many different healthcare challenges on this podcast and we share potential solutions. The one area we haven’t discussed enough is the administrative burden on the healthcare ecosystem. This burden is felt by all stakeholders including members, health plans and clinicians. When I refer to administrative burden, I am not just referring to prior authorizations. I am speaking about the additional documentation associated with closures of gaps in care, HCC coding and more.

 With us today is Jon Zimmerman, CEO of Holon Solutions. Holon provides an end-to-end platform that helps clinicians efficiently manage all the activities of patient flow from scheduling to prior auth to patient engagement and insights about the population being managed. This isn’t a traditional office administrative platform, as it includes AI to drive workflows and next best actions. The platform was designed on the idea that healthcare should feel human and that people should take priority over process. Holon also assists health plans and other stakeholders as well.

 Let’s hear more from Jon about Holon and how this company is making a positive impact in the healthcare ecosystem.