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B-Time with Beth Bierbower

Apr 26, 2022

Our guest today is an accomplished senior healthcare executive, an innovator, and business transformation leader.  With me is Mohan Nair, CEO of Emerge Inc.,a company that help’s companies find the Innovator’s Mojo, the driving force for business transformation.   Mohan is the former SVP/ CINO (chief Innovation officer) Of Cambia Health Solutions in Portland, Oregon and is an Edmund Hillary Fellow, New Zealand where he helps others bring cause-centered ideas to practical solutions .  Mohan was the founder of transparency company HealthSparq, is the author of three books, one if which we will focus on today.  He is also a musician with twenty copyrighted original songs and has spoken TedX and done much more.

Show notes:  People that Mohan follows:

Marc Benioff, Tony Robbins, Daniel Kraft, Arianna Huffington, Stefano Bini