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B-Time with Beth Bierbower

Jan 25, 2022

Today we are going to discuss the impact of cellular carriers sunsetting their 3G networks this year.  You may wonder why the sunsetting of 3G is an appropriate topic for a podcast focused predominantly on healthcare, so here’s the answer.  The sunsetting of 3G networks has a significant impact on the elderly and low-income populations.  Many devices such as older phones, personal emergency response systems and home alarm systems including carbon dioxide alarm systems will cease to work.

Many individuals cannot afford to replace these devices.  In addition, COVID has significantly slowed the ability for service workers to upgrade systems in the home.  As healthcare leaders, is this issue on our radar screen?  Will we find it more difficult to contact chronically ill members whose phones no longer work?  Will we see increased costs due to the failure of a PERS device to signal for help? 

With us today to educate us on the 3G sunset issue and what is being done to help people upgrade is Janet Dillione, CEO of Connect America which brings digital health connected solutions into the home to improve the safety, care and quality of life for the elderly who want to remain living independently as long as possible.

Janet has a long history in digital health serving in the past as President & CEO of Siemens Medical Solutions, EVP & GM of Nuance Communications Healthcare Division and President and CEO of  Action Management Technologies and Bernoulli. 

Show Notes:  Books The Leadership Moment by Michael Useem.  Podcast: The Spycast Podcast.