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B-Time with Beth Bierbower

Mar 22, 2022

The pandemic placed a spotlight on employee wellbeing.  Many employees have been under increased stress and duress over the last two years.  In survey after survey, employers are sharing that they are altering their benefits programs to include services that move beyond traditional physical and mental health and into total wellbeing. 


As with any market shift, there are players including new market entrants ready to fill in the gaps.  One such player is SoulBeing which offers complementary and alternative medicine services through a network of providers.  Their belief is that the divide between tradition and complementary medicine is closing and that many people, including providers and consumers alike, are focused on integrative medicine.


With us today to dive deeper into integrative medicine is Colleen Kavanagh, CEO of SoulBeing.  Colleen will share SoulBeing’s vision and how it is creating momentum around the need for integrated medicine.  Prior to joining SoulBeing, Colleen spent 9 years working in GE’s healthcare division.


Show notes:  Favorite Books: The Blue Zones By Dan Buettner  The Blue Zones Kitchen by Dan Buettner, Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin, Atomic Habits by James Clear.    Favorite Podcasts:  B-Time with Beth Bierbower, The Meditative Story Podcast, Willis Towers Watson Cure for the Common Co.